The Story of Glucose

One of the things my doctor monitors the closest is my A1C level, which tells her if I am at risk of or if I have diabetes. 2nd to cancer, diabetes is one of the scariest things when it comes to PCOS health risks. Many women with PCOS have insulin resistance, therefore many of them are prescribed a medication called metformin. I have opted out of taking metformin and decided to learn about my body and treat it naturally. (But that doesn't mean it doesn't work for others, I am happy it is available for those who need it and benefit from it) I think it is scary to me because I never really quite understood insulin and what it does in the body, and the only way I can convince myself I know what is going on, is to write a story about it... 
You see, in the world of your body, there is a gym called The Muscle and Fat Gym. It is pretty exclusive, only the sweetest Glucose Clients are able to attend the gym. Membership requires you to use an Insulin Personal Trainer. In fact, Glucose Clients cannot even attend The Muscle and Fat Gym without their Insulin Trainer accompanying them. Then one day some gluttonous suit at the corporate office of The Muscle and Fat Gym decided that the gym shouldn't be so exclusive anymore. He was like, "Hey, let's just let any Glucose Client in here, just think of all the money we will make, I LOVE SUGAR AHHHHHH!!!!" But the dumb ass kept the rules the same, each person still needed a high end Insulin Trainer. So for every Glucose Client they got, they had to hire another Insulin Trainer, Then the Insulin Trainers had to start taking on multiple clients, and the Pancreatic Offices where you hire Insulin Trainers was just flat out of Insulin Trainers one day. Eventually the current Insulin Trainers became overworked and quit. Now every time Glucose tries to get into The Muscle and Fat Gym, they are turned away because the rules are still "You must have a Insulin Trainer with you to enter." So Instead of going to the gym, Glucose Clients decided to turn around and go home via the bloodstream freeway... And that is why the 405 always sucks. Eventually The Muscle and Fat Gym closes down because of poor business management and you are carting your ass to Diabetesland. 
That's how I see it anyway... the point is keep your gym exclusive! Silly stories aside, diabetes is a serious condition and it must be monitored, or better yet prevented. Keeping an eye on your blood sugar levels can help you understand how your body reacts to food. Also look out for hidden sugar in things... especially carbs!!! Here is a link to actual medical information, because I really hope you are not getting your medical information from me. 
Feed your muscle and fat with only the best fuel.

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