My Fat Ass - Facebook Post - Sept. 6th, 2016

Today I want to talk about a struggle that a lot of women go through, and they don’t even have to have PCOS to go through it. Yep, I am going to be talking about my fat ass. It is very hard for women with PCOS to lose weight, and I will talk about why more in depth later this month, but this is more important. I can do something that lots of women can’t do, I can say right here confidently to everyone that I LOVE MY BODY!!!!!

My body has two legs and feet that allow me to walk my dog every day which is my favorite part of the day. My right hand can freaking DRAW! How cool is that! My freaking eyes see color, I would never know what the colors pink and green looked like if my eyes couldn’t see color. My voice box works, it may not sound pretty, but I can sing to my favorite songs. Not only that, I can hear them with my ear holes!!! I am so lucky to have this body.

Beauty standards can really kiss my fat ass. I have been a lot skinnier than I am now, but it didn’t make me happier. I did not become happy until I started loving myself for exactly who I am. I am full figured, get over it. It doesn’t mean I am lazy or that I stuff my face with gross food. I walk, I run, I know how to freaking kick box okay. I eat balanced meals (unless there are French Fries) and I nourish my body with natural materials. I have been on many diets before and I will never go on one again. I do not count calories and never will again. I listen to my body and fuel it when it needs fuel and stop when it’s almost full. 

Now there will be times where you will see me skinnier, it’s because when my endocrine system is in balance, weight loss becomes easier. The thyroid is functioning properly, so my normal daily activates will burn more calories than when I am out of balance. So if you see me losing weight, it is NOT because I want to be skinnier. It is because I am successfully balancing out my endocrine system. So instead of telling me I look good, congratulate me on my hard work, because honestly, I always look good. πŸ˜‰ 

Love your body today because it is the only vessel in this life that your soul has.

πŸ’— Jennifer

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